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Air Dreams Advanced Training for Composite manifacturing repair and inspection

ICAO has estimated that by 2026 480000 new technicians will be required to maintain the ever-growing aviation fleet. Increasing numbers of aircraft are using composites. The number of fully trained composite repair professionals to maintain these aircraft is lacking.

The authorities do not provide a mandatory requirement to train composite repair professionals. What the authorities do offer is guidance through an Advisory Circular (FAA) or an Acceptable Means of Compliance (EASA).

Air Dreams as your partner 

We would like to be your partner in;

  • supplying qualified staff.

  • accessing & training staff.

  • developing your training program.

  • provide repair support with qualified staff.

In a nutshell, provide support to develop a robust structure's organisation that can face all the upcoming challenges related to the increasing use of composite structures in aviation. We want to implement long-term solution to a growing shortage of composite repair professionals.


The SAE CACRC (Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee) is an international organisation dedicated to develop and improve maintenance, inspection and repair of commercial aircraft composite structure and components. The seven CACRC task groups are Repair Materials, Repair Techniques, Analytical Repair Techniques, Design, Inspection, Training and Airline Inspection & Repair Conditions. The SAE-CACRC standards developed for composite professionals have been a beacon of light.

The FAA & EASA recommends the SAE CACRC produced document AIR 5719 in AC 20-107B (FAA) & AMC 20-29 (EASA). The AC or AMC recommendation does not guarantee fully trained composite professionals, as it is non-binding.

Air Dreams participates with the training task group of the SAE CACRC. We have a full insight on what is happening or is coming.

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