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Aircraft Management / Flight Brokerage

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. We boast an impressive fleet of aircraft for external use.

Rely on Executive Jet Management for complete freedom from the complexities of day-to-day flight operations and gain peace of mind from knowing your aircraft is being handled professionally and efficiently by the best in the business. Our turnkey aircraft management solutions cover all aspects of aircraft ownership.



Charter Flights

Our experience and constant contact with a large number of airlines worldwide allows us to offer quick solutions to your requests for charter flights.

We put a wide range of aircraft at your disposal, from 20-seat capacity turboprop machines to four-engined long range aircraft.  We will advise you on the options best suited to your requirements and your budget.


  • Ability to choose the route, the schedule and the date of the flight

  • Coordination and optimisation of transport for groups of all sizes

  • Organisational flexibility, with the option of confirming the passenger list just days before the flight

  • Saving of time and hidden costs, such as overnight stopovers and unnecessary connecting flights

  • Personalised service, branding opportunities, in-flight entertainment, personalised crew announcements, VIP lounges and much more

  • Total control of the operation: dedicated check-in desks and supervision services at most airports.

Cargo Air Charter

We have preferential access to a large fleet of cargo aircraft of between 1,500 and 150,000 kg capacity, in pallets or bulk configuration.

We carry time-critical cargo or that which cannot be transported on a regular flight, wherever it needs to go, in the safest possible way.

We organise the transport of all types of goods in absolute security: spare parts; works of art; perishable goods, dangerous goods; and the express transportation of equipment, humanitarian aid and bulky freight.

We analyse the requirements of the shipment for every request and, with our client, we design a programme which assures timely delivery in optimal conditions.


Private Jet Charter

Air Dreams is your gateway to thousands of private aircraft worldwide, from the simplest and most economical turboprop to the largest long-range jet, so you may choose the perfect solution for your trip :


  • Time-saving, flying without stopovers on the day and at the hour of your choice.

  • Access to airports not served by regular flights

  • Flexibility to book at short notice and easy flight changes

  • Arrival at the airport just a few minutes before take-off, without queues or delays

  • Complete discretion, with access to the terminal and the aircraft in total privacy

  • Tailor-made service


ACMI, Wet&Dry Lease

Air Dreams has wide experience in the organisation of Wet Lease, Dry Lease and ACMI solutions for airlines worldwide.

Our network of suppliers, with whom we maintain strong relationships based on trust, and our system of proactive control of aircraft availability  allow us to offer a rapid response every time to guarantee the operation of your flights:

  • AOGs

  • Contracting of additional capacity for times of peak demand

  • Substitute capacity for scheduled maintenance checks


Air Dreams

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